Effective Communication for Comfortable Clients

Promo for Effective Communication for Comfortable Clients

brought to you by Professional Photographers of America (PPA)
Taught by Nikki Dukes, CPP
May 16, 2022
St. Louis MO
Registration: https://www.ppa.com/events/photography-workshops/find-a-workshop

I'm teaching a day-long photography workshop next month through Professional Photographers of America. This course is designed to help photographers effectively communicate with your clients before, during, and after the session or wedding day.

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Having your photograph taken can be a very vulnerable experience. Kids and adults alike need to know the expectations to help set them at ease and know what to do. This will also explain how to let your clients feel safe and prepared, resulting in more natural, honest expressions and genuine engagement in your photographs.

Although it benefits everyone, it can be especially helpful for children with trauma backgrounds, sensory processing disorder, special needs, and even adults with nervous jitters about being photographed.

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This course will help you learn to make complete plans for a wedding day, plans both in advance of a session and on the fly⁠—as well as how to express that plan to your clients.

In addition to classroom style teaching, this class will also include a demonstration outdoor photo session with opportunities to practice.

If you photograph people with hands that don't know where to go, people who are nervous, people who aren't sure where to stand, kids who have no clue what's going on, teens who wish they were elsewhere, groomsmen with a poor attitude. In short—if you photograph people, this class is for you.