As couples are beginning to plan their weddings, choosing vendors can be tough.  Especially when everyone can snap photos on their phone, it can be especially hard to choose a quality photographer.

Table setting at a wedding reception

Some couples are really DIY - making their own bouquets and enlisting the help of family to make cupcakes, gathering bridesmaids in their living room to assemble centerpieces and favors for guests.  Others are looking for a more hands-off approach and wanting a professional to take it and run with it and create an elegant affair.

Bride having her gown buttoned

Decorated wedding reception venue with hors d'oeuvre table

Either end of that spectrum is a place for a professional photographer. You can DIY you to heart’s content, but taking your own photos isn’t going to work out so well. Investing in a Certified Professional Photographer will help you know that your photographer has experience and technical excellence, and is maintaining that over time.

Although I have been photographing for many years, and photographing weddings since 2005, I completed the hard work to become a Certified Professional Photographer in 2012. This process requires passing a challenging exam on technical photography, passing a portfolio review including client work, and also a review of professional standards, websites, and a commitment to maintaining professional standards over time.  To maintain this certification, I attend conferences, workshops, and classes each year to keep learning and keep my standards high. I also serve as a CPP Liaison who assists incoming candidates in completing their certification process.

When considering your photographer, and other vendors, consider their qualifications in helping you celebrate your special day. You can use Professional Photographers of America’s database to help find a professional or Certified Professional Photographer.