This segment is part three in a series exploring what is Purple Lemon Photography.

Fine Art Decor + Etsy

Since I was young, I have always photographed the world around me. After having a couple of gallery shows in a local coffee shop, we added the ability for people to purchase these prints and others through Etsy or in person (during classes or events).

Screenshot_2019-11-08 Purple Lemon Photography by PurpleLemonPhoto.png

I’m also dabbling in using these photographs in stock photography.

Teaching + Mentoring

Small, light-hearted classes and individual mentorships are the primary ways that I love to teach photography skills. I offer classes periodically. Also, when I have some interest, I’ll pull together a class to suit those students. Keep an eye out or request a class!

Mentorships are also available upon request, and I’ve also worked with the mentorship program at Webster University.

Volunteering + Serving

One of the main reasons PLP exists is to serve, bless, and celebrate those around us. We’ve done that in many ways over the years. Sometimes, it is through our profits that we support people doing good work, solid ministry, and encouraging things in our world. Sometimes, we are able to use our profits for disaster relief efforts or other challenging situations.

When we were adopting internationally, we used various photo-based events to help us earn the money we needed to unite our family under one roof.

african american little girl playing peek a boo in STL

I have also volunteered my skills and time for many local organizations that help with homelessness, newborn advocacy, refugees, families with children in the NICU, Safe Families for Children, and others.

adoption family portrait found families volunteer in St. Louis

Currently, the most consistent way I am volunteering is with Found Families.  It’s an organization that helps adoptive families like our own receive photographs of their new family through either portraits or documentation of airport homecoming events or courtroom dates. It’s often been a long, expensive road, and this is a gift to those families. It’s really critical for adopted kids to see themselves in pictures of their families to help them gain a sense of permanency and belonging.

We don’t often have sales, but if we do, they are often fundraising based, letting people know that they are participating in serving others.

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