Wedding reception flower arrangements in glass bottles

As I say to every bridal couple I photograph, “Weddings are uncontrollable events.”

Spills happen. Traffic jams occur. Doors are locked. Dresses snag.

Bridesmaids adjusting dresses with pins

Wedding days have a lot of moving cogs, but being prepared can help little inconveniences stay little and not grow into big stressors.  Having a bridal emergency kit available is one way that I can help couples stay focused on the joys and celebrations that fill their wedding day.

I’ll give you a peek into what I like to try to keep with me on wedding days. You can use this list to help you be prepared for your own special day:

Wedding Day Emergency Kit

  • bobby pins
  • cotton swabs
  • razor
  • lotion
  • manicure set
  • dress tape
  • safety pins
  • ibuprofen
  • blotting paper
  • straws
  • tissues
  • small snacks
  • baby powder
  • shout wipes
  • mints
  • band aids
  • deodorant
  • baby wipes
  • hair spray
  • tooth brush
  • bottled water
  • handheld fans
  • needle and thread

Purple Lemon Photography couples, I’ve got you covered.

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Having a winter wedding? Even later fall or early spring wedding days can be rather chilly! Those cold days don’t have to mean all indoor photos. You just have to be prepared.

Outdoor photos in the winter can be so beautiful with softer light, possibilities for snow or ice, and they represent the special season in which your wedding takes places.

Wedding party outside Webster University in the winter

Vintage-style wedding portrait

Outdoor winter wedding photo

I work with my couples to make sure that our schedule provides for time outside before the sun sets early and without extended time outside.  We arrange for short spurts near their venues or vehicles where they can quickly warm up again.  We also make sure that we take plenty of lovely, indoor photos as well.

Ensure that members of the wedding party have proper footwear. Closed toed shoes and hose or tights are big helpers in keeping those feet and legs warm.

Purple wedding cowboy boots with signatures on the sole

Don’t shy away from staying warm.  Use winter accessories to add interest to your photographs and bring in your wedding’s colors and personal style.  Men and women can sport scarves or gloves.  The ladies can wear shawls, cardigans or jackets with their dresses to keep them warm. 

Bridesmaids in chunky scarves with pinecone bouquets

Outdoor winter wedding photo of bride and groom

Wedding couple embracing by evergreen trees

Wedding party with cardigan sweater and scarf

Consider providing warming packs, like hot hands, to your wedding party to help them brave the chilly weather and coffee or hot chocolate instead of cold drinks when they are done.

Sometimes, we even schedule only photos of the bride and groom outdoors, keeping the photos of the entire wedding party indoors.

Either way, it’s a great time to focus on what’s beautiful in the winter, rather than what’s lacking.  Evergreens, openness of landscapes, your wedding venue, and architecture are all great settings for wintertime wedding photography.

Wedding ceremony decorated with evergreen trees and boughs

Old Rock House in Saint Louis with fire

Other favorite winter wedding ideas I’ve seen over the years are:

Including warm treats like s’mores and pies at the reception

Fire pits

Hot cocoa bars

Winter decor like pine trees, pine cones, and candles

Lap blankets for guests during the ceremony

Wedding reception pie

Pinecone DIY bouquet

Vintage wedding couple posing with antique car with suspenders and fedora on a winter night in Lincoln, IL

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