We want to show honor to God by valuing people, our resources, and the natural resources in the earth.  Here is how we are doing that practically at PLP.

Using our equipment fully and until they die or show excess wear, rather than adding new gadgets and cameras and creating excess electronic waste and then passing the cost on to you

Reusing our packaging materials when we need to ship our orders

Recycled paper products and minimal new paper or plastics in our packaging choices

Recycled paper in many of our marketing materials

Purple Lemon business cards

Paperless proofing

Paperless correspondence and billing

Keeping our staff level low so we can pay well

Consideration of our ethics in our purchases

Posting images of our clients and children online only with permission, and keeping children’s names private

Meeting online with our out of town clients, rather than driving

Using real plates, napkins, and cups rather than disposable

Providing handmade, local treats and snacks when possible 

Our fresh, clean kitchen