up close picture of bride and groom smiling

At the tail end of winter, as the first bits of spring began to arrive, Rachel and Justin gathered their families from St. Louis and Atlanta in iconic Forest Park for their wedding at the Norman K Probstein Golf Course. Mimicking the colors of the changing seasons, they enjoyed an elegant event with soft pinks, greens and gold.

African American groom getting ready for wedding ceremony in Forest Park Golf Course

Grooms tie on his neck

wedding bouquet in St Louis MO

wedding bouquet on floor diagnonal

bride with spray getting ready for her wedding

reflection of bride in makeup kit with bright colors

mother of the bride and her sister prepare her wedding dress in St. Louis

Amazed groom sees his bride at first look in Forest Park

wedding ceremony in Forest Park Golf Course

Rachel’s billowy fabrics in her dress brought a softness, complimented by the punchy, exciting gold of their decor.

African American bride looks at her groom during wedding ceremony at Norman K Probstein Golf Course

couple kissing and laughing during you may kiss the bride

bride with braids laughing with high key lighting

couple embracing in posed picture in Forest Park indoors

Rachel and Justin had such a laid back spirit that was full of joy at their new marriage and reception.

wedding rings on two different darker complexions

couple walking towards St. Louis statue on Art Hill on wedding day

bride and groom kissing at the top of art hill in forest park

black and white portrait of wedding couple in near art museum in STL

bride glancing down with groom smiling at top of Art Hill in Forest Park St. Louis

couple smiling on wedding day

Norman K Probstein Golf Course reception

St. Louis wedding cake by La Patisserie Chouquette

St. Louis wedding cake cutting by La Patisserie Chouquette

It was a wonderful celebration as their guests danced their hearts out and stayed until their sparkler departure.

laughter at wedding reception in St. Louis

dancing at wedding reception

family dancing at wedding reception in St. Louis

Couples dancing at wedding reception

wedding reception dancing in Forest Park

I’ve seen many dances that celebrate the longest marriages in the room, but this was my absolute favorite.  The whole room was cheering as these special grandparents continued dancing as the DJ called out more and more years of their marriage.

family cheers at wedding reception

Reception Sparkler exit at Norman K Probstein Golf Course

I’d prayed for Rachel shortly before their wedding and told her I was praying for their marriage into their old age, and perhaps it will be quite the celebration when their children and grandchildren cheer for them as well.


Hair Styling | Constance at Urbaneboozer

Bakery | La Patisserie Chouquette

DJ services | DJ A. Eye

Venue for both ceremony and reception | Norman K Probstein Golf Course

Bride and groom in natural setting on hillside in west county Saint Louis, MO

Something old, something new
Something borrowed, something green.

I don’t think that’s quite how that saying goes, but if you are looking to minimize your impact on the planet and your waste on your wedding day, here are a handful of ways to be an Eco-friendly bride and have a green wedding.

wedding rings on couple's hands in Saint Louis MO

Rethink some paper products by eliminating or altering their use. For example, ditch the programs or the individual name cards at the reception. I’ve had one couple who did some pretty amazing online invitations, too. For what you do need to print, look into more sustainable paper options or recycled paper for printing.

Use real things, rather than disposable. Sometimes in the name of cost or ease, it’s easy to grab disposable items, but using reusable items like napkins and table settings not only feel nicer, but also eliminate a ton of waste.

Couple at springtime wedding at conservatory in St. Charles MO

Choose things you’ll use again, and then they’ll hold meaning. I love how many things around my home that we use daily came from my wedding. My mother-in-law used buckets for some decorations at my rehearsal dinner and now my kids’ toys are all in colorful buckets around my house. The cups and plates we used for communion are now our special wine glasses and my favorite go-to plates for breakfast and dessert. Maybe your shoes or watch can be new for the wedding and what you use again on special occasions.

wedding party in superhero socks

Get creative with your guest book. I’ve seen plenty of creative ideas that allow couples to enjoy the names and messages from their family and friends that won’t end up stashed in a box and never seen again. People have signed all kinds of things that the couples plan to display in their home- rocks in a jar to a special favorite book. Photo books featuring engagement photos are also a great alternative; since the book has dual purpose they can enjoy looking at it over and over again, giving those pages a full life.

Wedding guest book from Fellowship of the Ring

Use local, native to your area, in-season plants for your flowers and decor.

Eliminate waste by donating extras of anything you can to those who might appreciate it most. Consider food, flowers, decor, supplies, and other items.

Use recycled items for decor. I’ve had several brides that collected specific types of jars for flowers. Also, there was one who painted old doors to create a backdrop for their ceremony.

recycled jars used in colorful wedding decorations

We aim to keep things as eco-friendly as we can as wedding photographers, too. I’ve previously written about that in how we aim to be responsible in our business, but you can read a portion of it here, too.

We choose to be eco-friendly by:

• Using our equipment fully and until they die or show excess wear, rather than creating excess electronic waste

• Reusing our packaging materials

• Using recycled paper products and minimal new paper or plastics for packaging and marketing

• Often choosing paperless options for proofing, correspondence and billing

• Meeting online with our out of town clients, rather than driving

• Using real plates, napkins, and cups rather than disposable

You might find a few more ideas in my post on Saving Money on your Wedding.