I focus often in my photography and writing on the idea of the passage of seasons and the details that fill them up. The daily and mundane that become the treasures in our memories. The tiny toes curled under a high chair. The stack of books from the library. The trinkets chosen to decorate a shelf at any given time. Or the jewelry signifying a special connection with a loved one.

stems of plant in bottle by photographer in Saint Louis

This season has been especially trying for me, as I have been enduring a long-term illness and as a result have missed out on my morning walks with my family. As a way to help my kids with sensory processing disorder start their days literally on the right foot, we started taking short walks before school and work a few years ago, and it was a special time for all of us.

Black and white plants on window sill above kitchen sink

My illness has meant that I have to sit out during those walks. In fact, as I write, they are walking.

Being outside is one of my favorite things. MIssing out on those walks is so hard for me. My sons are so thoughtful, that without my asking, they bring me their treasures, showing me the passage of natural seasons during this emotionally and physically draining season for me. I line my sill with blossoms from a blooming tree, the biggest leaves from the tree a few blocks away, or the smoothest rocks. I get mini forests of sprouted maple trees, weed-flowers, and flowers plucked from sidewalks after storms. And an occasional roly-poly.

collection of plants on kitchen sink window sill

They bring the walk to me. So whenever I cross the kitchen, I get to go on a walk through the neighborhood, too. The season is displayed on my sill, right next to my full sink, my splattered window. When I look out to check on the kids playing in the backyard, their discoveries and gifts are there waiting for me.

petals of poppy plant and a rock on a window sill in a saint louis kitchen

Dying poppy plant on window sill in a vase

Each season has special details, and that’s exactly what my This Season sessions are designed to highlight. What are the details surrounding you?

Young girl looking at the ground

I love following a couple’s story as they begin to form a family during their engagement and at their wedding. The chapters begin to unfold, and when their family grows through births and adoptions I love to continue to tell their stories and document these milestones. Seasons often change faster than we can contain their memories. I am so thankful for photographs to engage those memories and remind us of where we’ve been and spur us on to where we’re going.

Several years ago, while I was deep in the midst of our adoption and unsure with every commitment I made that I might have to break it for my own travel to be with our internationally-born kiddo spur of the moment, I had the privilege of photographing Andy and Allissa’s wedding. They recently had me photograph their growing family with two daughters. It was a joy to celebrate the birth of their youngest and watch them cherish their oldest.

A newborn baby looking up, held in her father's arms

As I looked through the lens of my camera there was an instant when I thought- I’ve been here before. And as so often we see in good story-telling, there are themes and strands woven throughout, perhaps not identical but similar enough to connect us to who we were before and who we still are, but yet somehow- different.

I had photographed Allissa in a mirror as she readied herself for the wedding ceremony. And here she was again, gazing not into her own eyes, but the eyes of her daughter.

Black and white photography of a bride looking into mirror while necklace is clasped

A mirror on a wall reflecting a mother holding her newborn

Also, just for fun, I was struck by how Allissa’s eyes also reminded me of one of my favorite childhood movies, Anastasia. Just look at those eyes.

Anastasia Movie Still
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Photo of a bride's eyes looking into a mirror while getting ready