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Pregnant bodies are so lovely! The unique shape of a woman with child is breathtaking. And then... the baby is on the outside. I still find that simply amazing. The relationship between being pregnant and then holding your child in your arms is so interwoven, that I have intentionally placed their packages together. Be sure to consider my combination package that creates an album of both pregnancy and baby pictures together, showing the transitions of your growing baby.

For a maternity or baby photo shoot, I will happily meet you in the comfort of your own home (or elsewhere if you've looked at those walls simply one too many days). I can photograph you or your child

in your home or out on location, though in the home seems to be a lovely place to capture the tenderness of new life.

We also have a special for what we call “bedrest babies.” Please see the community section for more information.

For more details on individual packages, please contact us.

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