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Pricing at PLP is not arbitrary or simply calculated with a formula so I earn a profit. My rates have been determined after a lot of thought, prayer, and consideration of you, as a client. As a photographer, I obviously love photos. Strangely enough Ive never paid to have my portrait taken. I cant afford the type of photography that I like. The community of my closest friends and family also do not have portraits taken. Why? They cannot pay for it either. Therefore, I am committed to making each area of service in PLP affordable without skimping on quality. So if youd like your photography to come to you like a full pitcher of the finest lemonade on the hottest day of summer, weve got you covered. Or maybe your needs are a bit simpler- few less frills, a few less cubes in your lemonade, but just as sweet and with a

lemon on the rim of your glass. Weve got you covered then, too.

Also, Ive learned that people are generally photogenic- and pleasantly surprised to see how they look in photographs that I take. What I do not want to happen is for someone to feel too limited in their picture selection to stay within their budget. I do not want anyone to have to leave their favorites behind. Reprints need to be reasonably priced- and I think they are.

I strive to be fair, honor God with my prices, and be respectful of my clients. With this in mind, know that people are being benefitted worldwide by the investment you are making in quality photography.

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