up close picture of bride and groom smiling

At the tail end of winter, as the first bits of spring began to arrive, Rachel and Justin gathered their families from St. Louis and Atlanta in iconic Forest Park for their wedding at the Norman K Probstein Golf Course. Mimicking the colors of the changing seasons, they enjoyed an elegant event with soft pinks, greens and gold.

African American groom getting ready for wedding ceremony in Forest Park Golf Course

Grooms tie on his neck

wedding bouquet in St Louis MO

wedding bouquet on floor diagnonal

bride with spray getting ready for her wedding

reflection of bride in makeup kit with bright colors

mother of the bride and her sister prepare her wedding dress in St. Louis

Amazed groom sees his bride at first look in Forest Park

wedding ceremony in Forest Park Golf Course

Rachel’s billowy fabrics in her dress brought a softness, complimented by the punchy, exciting gold of their decor.

African American bride looks at her groom during wedding ceremony at Norman K Probstein Golf Course

couple kissing and laughing during you may kiss the bride

bride with braids laughing with high key lighting

couple embracing in posed picture in Forest Park indoors

Rachel and Justin had such a laid back spirit that was full of joy at their new marriage and reception.

wedding rings on two different darker complexions

couple walking towards St. Louis statue on Art Hill on wedding day

bride and groom kissing at the top of art hill in forest park

black and white portrait of wedding couple in near art museum in STL

bride glancing down with groom smiling at top of Art Hill in Forest Park St. Louis

couple smiling on wedding day

Norman K Probstein Golf Course reception

St. Louis wedding cake by La Patisserie Chouquette

St. Louis wedding cake cutting by La Patisserie Chouquette

It was a wonderful celebration as their guests danced their hearts out and stayed until their sparkler departure.

laughter at wedding reception in St. Louis

dancing at wedding reception

family dancing at wedding reception in St. Louis

Couples dancing at wedding reception

wedding reception dancing in Forest Park

I’ve seen many dances that celebrate the longest marriages in the room, but this was my absolute favorite.  The whole room was cheering as these special grandparents continued dancing as the DJ called out more and more years of their marriage.

family cheers at wedding reception

Reception Sparkler exit at Norman K Probstein Golf Course

I’d prayed for Rachel shortly before their wedding and told her I was praying for their marriage into their old age, and perhaps it will be quite the celebration when their children and grandchildren cheer for them as well.


Hair Styling | Constance at Urbaneboozer

Bakery | La Patisserie Chouquette

DJ services | DJ A. Eye

Venue for both ceremony and reception | Norman K Probstein Golf Course

Recently I shared something on social media about how powerful it is for children to see themselves in printed photographs on the wall or in a frame on the shelf or over the mantle. The messages we send to our children is that they are loved and cherished and precious and they belong in a family. 

Young happy parents smiling at each other with their newborn son

I got a text from a dear friend and Purple Lemon family about how she’d read that and then opened photographs to put on their wall.  Her sons were giddy with excitement to see themselves and know that they are worthy to be part of the home- literally adorning their walls. 

As a parent of both adopted and biological children, I see this so clearly.  The value of having our children in a photograph to demonstrate their belonging is important.  It takes the abstract and makes it a visible, concrete thing. 

Family with three sons laughing during family portrait in Webster Groves, Missouri

But I think all too often, we forget the value of the whole family being in those photographs. It can be tempting to let the kids become the showcase. They are adorable and are hitting milestones we do not want to forget. Sitting up alone, walking, starting school, missing teeth, graduating. Those celebrations hold tons of merit and value.

And that makes me think of two things. 

First, Mamas and Papas- you have to get in the pictures.There are many excuses to sit it out, but I’d say, get in there. 

I recently had two Mamas share about how important it was to be in the photographs with their kids. 

Mother with three children individually

“I am so happy you got pics of me with each child. I have a history of cancer and I just got a discouraging imaging result.  I wanted each child to have a pic with me individually in case something ever happens to me. I tell you this because I want you to know that what you do is really important.”

This Mama was sharing about a photo online after receiving positive comments.  I knew these parents weren’t anticipating more photos after we’d recently shot together, but this family trusted me, and I loved the outcome of a photo altogether.

“...the funniest part is that both [of us] were totally unprepared for pics that day. She had to come back because O was fussy the first time we did pics. We thought she was just going to get some baby shots. I had wet hair and zero makeup, no glasses. Lester has on an old T-shirt. Somehow it worked!”

Family posing with newborn in nursery and older sibling in Fenton, MO

Secondly, people remember what they were doing when they see certain photos. Sometimes, people need to stand or sit in an awkward way to get the right angle and I hope they don’t remember too much about those.  But often people will say to their new spouse at a wedding preview, “Oh, that’s when you made me laugh!” or “Do remember that? That’s when Dad walked out in his shorts and tuxedo jacket!” 

The memories we create when we take portraits of a family is more than just the photo itself. I love encouraging parents to engage with their children when I photograph their family. I’d much rather a child remember their dad being goofy and dancing behind me or their mom smiling at them and giving eye contact than the photographer lady trying to make them laugh and everyone calling their name a billion times. 

First time mom silhouetted sitting with newborn in Shrewsbury, MO

Mamas, take this nugget that my youngest tells me and hold on to it for yourselves.  “You are the cutest Mama in the whole universe! You are beautiful.” (He also tells me I’d be more beautiful if I wore a dress with flowers on it, but I’ll leave your botanicals to your own discretion.)

You ready to be in the photos? To show you belong, too? Email Nikki