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Inscribed in my wedding band is the phrase “none live for themselves.” This is a reminder to us both of the vows we proclaimed on our wedding day. In addition to our traditional vows, we included extras that essentially say that we will be true to Christ, kind to people, and spread the gospel to the nations. When Purple Lemon Photography was created, its intent was to spur us on to fulfilling the promises we made for our marriage. This is particularly key to me as a photographer, since most of my work revolves around relationships and family.

Our goal is to use the gift of photography and the profits of our small business to help share kindness and spread the gospel while being

true to Christ.

Locally, I am the photographer for The Bridge, a St. Louis ministry that aims to aid in ending homelessness. I have volunteered there for several years and am pleased to now do that with my camera. It provides a chance to visually show the face of dignity amidst the struggle to end homelessness. If you are interested in learning more about The Bridge, attending a fundraiser, or volunteering with them, please visit their website.

Additionally, I am shooting photographs of babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) free of charge for their parents with the

purchase of a maternity or baby package. After having a high-risk pregnancy, spending a month on bedrest, and almost a month in the hospital, then following that with a week of my son in the NICU, my heart was softened for what I am calling “bedrest babies.”

Internationally, we aim to use the profits from our business to help support international missionaries (and hopefully fund our own family, if the Lord sends us elsewhere). To date, we have supported missionaries in India, England, China, short-term missionaries in Nicaragua and Russia, emergency relief funds around the globe, and those serving the local church. We hope to continue to increase our ability to do this in order to aid the spreading of the gospel.

Also, we know that missionaries frequently send out updates to their donors, meet with churches, and try to stay connected with families and friends stateside. In our current culture, photographs are crucial to their newsletters and updates. Purple Lemon Photography will also do complimentary small portrait sessions to these individuals and families who are on furlough and only have a short time in the states.

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